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Pakistan Flood Relief 2022

On August 25th, Pakistan declared a state of emergency after being hit with torrential monsoon rainfall. This rainfall has caused around one-third of Pakistan to be under water. This is the worst rainfall Pakistan has seen since 1961, causing thousands of homes to be lost and affecting the lives of millions. 

Sukoon Foundation is working hard to provide relief to those affected by the flood. We have split our efforts to provide relief in two phases.

Phase One: Emergency Aid

In Phase One, Sukoon plans to provide warm meals and bags of groceries to families suffering during these dire times. So far we have received multiple requests from families to help assist in daily rations to help avoid traveling across high streams of water. So far Sukoon has been able to help over 500 families. 

Phase Two: Restoration

In Phase Two, Sukoon plans on providing restoration for villages affected by the flood. Restoration will include rebuilding houses, farms, dams, and other infrastructure. Phase two will begin once the water settles in Pakistan and transportation becomes safe.


For only $20, you can provide a family with a care package containing daily rations of food and water.

After Effects 

Over 1,500 people have been confirmed dead, of which 416 are children.

Over 12,500 people have been injured.

Over 300,000 people left homeless

Over 700,000 livestock killed

Current Progress

Sukoon Foundation has helped over 600 families with our Care Packages. Our original goal was 300, and we have long surpassed that, Please help us assist another 500! 

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